Sponsorship & Environment


Auckland Adventure Jet is a proud supporter of charity organisations and makes a sustained effort to give back to the community and look after our environment on which we depend. Much of the charity we contribute to and community work that we do is driven by the passion of our staff. Find out more about our sponsorship and community involvement here.

The environment is of paramount importance to us at Auckland Adventure Jet. Not only do we depend on the physical environment around us next to the ocean, but New Zealand also depends on a clean green environment for tourism and the future of our country. Find out more about our environmental contributions here.


Recent Sponsorships

Each year Auckland Adventure Jet supports various charities, community events and initiatives as a way of giving back. Below are some examples of causes we have supported since 2010.

Auckland Adventure Jet proudly donated 8 tickets to the Ronald McDonald House Supper Club event. Supper Club is a successful formula in which guests start their night with a cocktail party and from there are taken to one of Auckland’s most generous dinner venues which is drawn by lucky dip on the night. 400 people attended the event last year and the feedback from guests and participating restaurants was amazing.

Koru Care is a registered charitable trust. Since 1983, Koru Care has been working to bring joy into the lives of children with major health issues. During those years, Koru Care have helped more than 10,000 young people and their families. Koru Care takes groups of children with major health issues to far-away fantasy destinations. Other activities include supplying educational and play equipment, setting up toy libraries, taking children on special day excursions and an annual Christmas Cruise. Auckland Adventure Jet has sponsored a ‘human’ horse race at Koru Care’s night at the races. This event is to help raise money for Koru Care’s 2012 Disney Adventure.

The whole crew from Auckland Adventure Jet collectively baked of cupcakes to sell on SPCA Cupcake Day. We even dressed the part in onesies while selling them! Every single dollar and cent we made went to the SPCA.

On February 22 at 12.51PM Christchurch experienced a devastating earthquake. Along with loss of life the city was subject to massive destruction and is now undergoing a significant clean up and rehabilitation effort. The government, Red Cross and others are working hard to restore infrastructure, care for those who’ve lost homes, businesses and jobs whilst keep residents safe from unstable buildings and health concerns.

Auckland Adventure Jet has donated over $7500 worth of jet boat rides to a network of fundraising efforts for the people of Christchurch and their city.

In conjunction with our friends at Bayleys Realty, Auckland Adventure Jet donated an entire boatload to this charity. Meaning the winner of the auction could take a total of 22 passengers for a spin. Total value donated: over $2200 worth of Jet Boating.

In conjunction with Sustainable Coastlines, Auckland Adventure Jet pitch in with hundreds of volunteers to clean up Auckland beaches. Everyday we attempt to reduce harbour rubbish by scooping debris from the water around us, the Waitemata is a healthy and beautiful harbour, we want to keep it that way.

The Auckland Down Syndrome Association strives to promote the participation of people with Down Syndrome in the community. One of their ways of doing this is to hold their annual Buddy Walk. We are proud to support this event and donated Auckland Adventure Jet tickets to win in their silent auction and 600 vouchers for the goodie bags.

Send Us A Message

We get many requests each year and are very mindful about sponsoring a fair and varied selection of causes. Please bear in mind that we are unable to sponsor everyone who applies, as much as we’d love to!