The Ride

Auckland Adventure Jet launched on Auckland Harbour, advancing the exciting New Zealand jet boat experience to New Zealand’s biggest city.

The purpose built jet boat takes visitors on a thrilling supercharged 30 minute trip upon Auckland’s harbour. Having been invented in New Zealand in 1954 by Sir William Hamilton, jet boating is synonymous with New Zealand. A must-do experience for thrill seeking tourists, combining adrenaline inducing high speed manoeuvres in spectacular locations. Sweeping fishtails, spins and power brakes make the experience a fast and fun adventure for the thrill-seeking traveller of any age.

Auckland Adventure Jet has the latest in Hamilton technology coupled with unique sea jet boat design that sports the fastest sea jet of its kind on the Auckland Harbour. Boasting 24 seats in a grandstand layout, everyone experiences a great view of the scenic Waitemata Harbour and enjoys the authentic Adventure Jet treatment.

The jet boat travels at high speeds in excess of 50 knots under the iconic harbour bridge stopping beneath the Bridge Bungy pod to wave at the fellow adrenalin junkies suspended high above. Auckland Adventure Jet makes a few stops at significant landmarks including the Chelsea Sugar Factory and the tree lined cliffs of Kauri Point to take in the sights and catch a breath.

Groups and corporate clients can tailor experiences; uniquely the jet boat’s design allows access to shallow waters, such as the harbour’s beaches and secluded coves.

The Ride

Auckland Adventure Jet is based at Pier 3A, Quay St, on the Auckland’s Downtown Waterfront, beside the historic Ferry Building. The 35-40 minute trips depart every hour, 9am to 5pm, all year round. The boat is purpose built in New Zealand for safety, comfort and optimum viewing, it has capacity for 23 passengers. All skippers are trained and certified. Passengers are provided with ponchos to protect their clothing from the sea spray.

The Harbour

Waitemata means “obsidian glass” and refers to the shimmering surface of the harbour sea.

The harbour has many famous landmarks including Chelsea Sugar Refinery, The Harbour Bridge, and Rangitoto Island. The lively harbour is home to many yachts, freight ships, recreational fishing vessels and cruise liners. We are very conscious of our place as the first commercial jet boating activity in the harbour, working closely with Maritime New Zealand on safety training and communication to add to the range of exciting activities that make the most of our beautiful location.

The harbour is our most prized resource and we work hard to keep her clean and healthy. Our Qualmark Environmental Silver award was earned through our commitment to cleaning up the harbour. By working with Sustainable Coastlines and Waitemata Harbour Clean-up Trust, we are able to help towards maintaining a clean, green waterfront for all to enjoy. You can learn more about what we are up to in the harbour by joining our Facebook page.